Habitat: Konawiru (2016) HD single channel video, colour, sound, 3:43 (Still image above) and Habitat (2017) HD three-channel, colour, sound, 10:40.

The Habitat series are multi-channel video installations exploring various locations fraught with environmental and historical disasters.   

Beneath the surface of what appears to be a serene and pristine ecosystem lies an area where the water tables have been raised and the trees have died. Poisonous chemical waste meanders down from the central ranges of the Panguna mine in central Bougainville, through the Kawerong and Jaba River, over the floodplains on the west coast and into the ocean. Copper has been leaching in this area for many years. The virgin forests and rich fertile soil that once occupied this area are unlikely ever to return. The animals that once lived in the valley have either been buried, dammed or killed by copper leaching. Poisonous toxic waste flows from the Panguna mine down to the Lower Tailings Waste Disposal Area which is discharged undiluted through the pipelines. It only takes a matter of hours to travel down to where the Indigenous landowners live, fish and farm. The Nagovis people of Bougainville call this area, Konawiru




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